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Wandel International is the exclusive distributor of Phoenix cycles in Nigeria. The Phoenix brand has long been associated with quality and reliability, and is recognised as the leading brand of bicycles in the country.

We market and assemble an comprehensive portfolio of bicycles, ranging from kids bikes, to Mountain Bikes, BMX, and so-called 'traditional' cycles.

Phoenix City Bike

SPL 65

SPL 65

Size : 21"X26"X1-3/8" W/O equipped with Full Gear Case

Chain Wheel : 48T Chainwheel , 20T Freewheel

Color : Black, Dark Green, Silver Red and Silver Blue

Accessories : Bell, Carrier, Single Side stand, Frame Pump and Rear Reflector

SPS 992 & SPL 92

SPS 992 & SPL 92

Size : 16"X24"X1.75" Imitation Aluminum

Chain Wheel : 36T & 16T Freewheel

Color : Assorted

Accessories : Handlebar, Built-in lock, Curved Cotter, 8-sound Turning Lamp, Dynamo Lighting, Carrier with a Cushion

Same available in 26" as well

Phoenix MTB

SPMH 60 & SPMH 70

SPMH 60 & SPMH 70

Size : 20"X26"X1.95"

Frame : 26MTB frame

Handle Bar : Flat Bar with bar end

Brake : Cantilever Brake, Steel

Gear : 18-Speed, Thumb Un-index Shifter

Rim : CP. 26X36HX1.75

Accessories : Front and Rear Dynamo Lighting Sets, Front and Rear Carriers; Stainless Steel Mudguards Water Bottle; Tool Bag; Horn, Frame Pump, Flag, Bell, Mirrors

SE 2608 & SPMH 90

SE 2608 & SPMH 90

Size : 26"X2.125

Gear : Bike 18-speed, Thumb Shifter

Rim : Aluminum Alloy RIM

Accessories : Quick-Release Seat Pin, Water Bottle

Phoenix BMX

(Bicycle Moto Cross)

SN 2008

SN 2008

Size : 20" MTB

Frame : Steel Frame with Rear Suspension

Handle Bar : Steel Handle Bar

Rim : Alloy rims

Gear : 18 speed, Grip Shifter

SPX 946 & SPX 2007

SPX 946 & SPX 2007

Size : 20"X1.95"

Frame : Oversize Frame

Handle Bar : U-type Handlebar, CP

Brake : Front and Rear Caliper CP

Chain Wheel : 16T-36T, B-type axle

Rim : Aluminium

Folding and Racing Bicycles

PL20F13 (Folding Bike)

PL20F13 (Folding Bike)

Size : 16"

Frame : Suspension Folding Frame

Handle Bar : "T" Type Folding Handlebar, CP

Rim : Aluminum Alloy

Gear : 6 Speed

Brake : Rear Band Brake

Tire & Tube : 16"X1.75"

Chain Wheel : 46T, with Steel Chain Cover

SPMH 89 (Racing Bike)

SPMH 89 (Racing Bike)

Size : 27"X1-1/4"

Mudguard : Stainless Steel Short Mudguard

Handle Bar : Race-Type Handlebar

Brake : Front and Rear Caliper CP

B.B. Axle : D-type B. B. Axle

Chain Wheel/ Free Wheel : 2pcsX6pcs

Gear : 12 SPEED derailleur

Type/Tube : 27"X1-1/4" Colored, American Core(Extra Long)

Phoenix Roadster Bike



Size : 22"X28"X1-1/2" W/O. Equipped with Full Gear Case.

Chain Wheel : 48T & 20T Freewheel

Color : Black and Dark Green

Accessories : Bell, Carrier,Stand and Rear Reflector